ALA conference, FOL sale..

Do you know who I'm jealous of? Dance Chica of the Insomnomania blog – read this post (pay attention to the pictures). I want to go to the ALA conference and see the exhibits!!! AHHHHHHHH. She got to meet Judy Blume! Free stuff and ARCs! AHHHHH. Oh well, no way I could have gone this weekend because of Josh's biathalon. So remind me to go to Philly in 2008. January 11th-16th. SO JEALOUS.

I went to the Poughkeepsie FOL today and it was pretty good – actually had its own sci fi and fantasy section. I came back with Through a Brazen Mirror by Delia Sherman (which I've already read it turns out), Shadow Hunt by Anne Logston (I read the first book but not this one), and Blade dancer by Lynn Viehl (which I am most excited by). Aren't I good for holding myself back? Three books is good. I think so.

TBR @ 102

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2 thoughts on “ALA conference, FOL sale..

  1. Actually, your and tomoko's recs are on my amazon wishlist. Its at the point where I REALLY shouldn't get more books, but yeah on PBS I have things on autorequest. I have to maintain many lists to keep things in order. Goal: get TBR DOWN. DOWN I SAY. Then I can get more books.

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