Megan Lindholm is also Robin Hobb

Michelle West is also Michelle Sagara or even Michelle Sagara West

Dawn Cook is also Kim Harrison

Nora Roberts is also J.D. Robb

Lyda Morehouse is also Tate Halloway

Lynn Viehl is also Gena Hale, S. L. Viehl, and Jessica Hall

Anne Rice also writes under Anne Rampling and A.N. Roquelaure

and I just found out Amanda Quick is also known as Jayne Ann Krentz

and that Stephen King is also Richard Bachman and John Swithen

More pseudonyms. and more.

Know any other good ones?

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5 thoughts on “Pseudonyms

  1. Not sure I am familiar with that author.. Yeah, I think there are some more that I was all surprised over but it's not coming from my memory banks. Wouldn't it be INTERESTING if L.J. Smith had one?!

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