Butt shot covers unite!

Someone mentioned this on fangs_fur_fey and I hadn't realized it till then - there is a subset of covers in urban fantasy with a nice rounded butt shot! Now.. I do have a place in my heart for these. And apparently I have been reading quite a few books with this type of cover lately (and looking forward to one in the case of Iron Kissed). I wonder what this means.. Now favorite butt of these four.. that's a tough one. What do you think? 

Rachel Vincent
On the Prowl
Patricia Briggs












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4 thoughts on “Butt shot covers unite!

  1. ooo, i'm going to have to go with Claimed by Shadow, followed by Stray. The CBS butt shot is not too overt and in your face. i'm intruiged. i'll be noticing butt shot covers more from now on.

  2. The Mercy cover is up there but the pesky title is in the way. Oh if you have the books, things are nice and matte finished with the women in a glossy finish. It seems to make things more.. rubbable! Seriously!! Anyway, so top two for me are also Stray and Claimed by Shadow. Claimed by Shadow has a nice dress that looks all gauzy and good over the butt area, but Stray has nice colors. Oh.. this is hard.

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