Cool giveaways from Jeri Smith-Ready

I got a newsletter from Jeri Smith Ready a couple of days ago and if anyone is interested in her books (I liked Eyes of Crow – it has a coming of age feel, and Voice of Crow should have a mature Rhia), they should sign up. She's giving away goodies to fans. And she randomly draws a name from ppl signed up on the newsletter to win a cool prize. Here are the highlights with offers she has:


Read an excerpt of VOICE OF CROW at

and reply to this e-mail with the answer to this question:

***Which Ilion battalion attacked Kalindos?***

and -bam!- you’re entered in the drawing.

Prize: autographed copy of VOICE OF CROW, a few weeks before its
Deadline: Friday, August 24
Winner will be notified Saturday, August 25


Reply to this e-mail and tell me how you heard of EYES OF CROW. 

A bookseller or librarian?  Friend?  Website?  Review?  MySpace?  An
ad?  This newsletter?  You met me at a convention?  You were that guy in
the fender-bender at the intersection of Route One and Fairmount Street
(sorry!)?  Be as specific as your memory allows, and I’ll love ya
for it, plus enter you in the second drawing.

Prize: autographed copy of VOICE OF CROW, a few weeks before its
Deadline: Friday, August 24
Winner will be notified Saturday, August 25


Okay, this isn’t so much a contest as it is a pact.  Everyone who
reviews VOICE OF CROW by October 31 gets an autographed ARC of my May 2008
vampire novel WICKED GAME.  Blog about it, post it on an online
bookseller site, send it to your local newspaper, talk about it on your
podcast, whatever.  Just do it by Halloween and let me know about it.

Again, this is not a drawing.  Everyone–that’s EV-REE-WON–who does
this will get an ARC.  Even if it’s a bad review, though in that case
“ARC” might stand for Angry Red Cobra.  Kidding, of course!  I
love animals.


***Discover Your Spirit Animal!***

Take an interactive personality quiz at to
find out which of twelve Animals from the book you would be.  E-mail
me your quiz results for automatic entry in a prize drawing during your
Animal’s month.  Prizes include totem stones, jewelry and artwork
featuring your Animal.

Monthly prize drawings have been extended for two years, through
October 2009.  So no matter which Animal you are, you still have at least two
more chances to win, and no need to enter more than once.



Want your very own piece of VOICE OF CROW in your hands in less than a      <—– going fast. She had 10-15 left last night
week?  The first 40 people who send me their mailing address will
receive a limited edition sneak preview, featuring two excerpted chapters
and a full-color cover.  Autographed and everything.

The original artwork for VOICE OF CROW’s cover is quite different
from the final version.  I liked the first one just fine, but the reaction
from book buyers (i.e., the people who place orders for the
bookstores) was, “Hmm.  Try again.” 

Curious?  I won’t be posting it on my website ever, but I have about
twenty cover flats with the original artwork.  If you’d like a copy
of this collector’s item, all you have to do is buy any of my books
from Mysterious Galaxy, the awesome independent bookstore:

Just send me your proof of purchase (receipt, shipping confirmation,
packing slip), either by e-mail to or snail mail
to P.O. Box 66, Westminster, MD, 21158, and I’ll send you the cover,
autographed.  This is a one-time offer, while supplies last, as they


Bookplates: full-color autographed, personalized labels you can stick
inside your very own copies of EYES OF CROW, VOICE OF CROW, or REQUIEM
FOR THE DEVIL, thus getting a signed book without either of us ever
having to leave the house. 

Mini-bookmarks: trading-card size–collect all two!

Simply send your mailing address to and tell me
for which book(s) you’d like a bookplate and/or bookmark.  I won’t
even make you send me an SASE—that’s how much I care.  I care
$0.41 worth about you.  If you’re Australian, I care about you $0.90
worth, because you’re really special.  And far away.

email her at for the contests.. Meanwhile, sign up on the newsletter for interesting information about upcoming books, appearances and info. I didn't know she's donating some of her author royalties to 
the Wounded Warrior Project, "to assist severely injured veterans in their transition to civilian life." Or that the third book in the Aspect of the Crow trilogy is going to be called The Reawakened. Plus she has a new vampire novel coming out next year (I know people on my friendslist like vampires) called Wicked Game. OOoOo! Neat stuff I say!

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