Dead Sexy by Tate Hallaway

I've had this window opened for a long time and I just haven't felt like reviewing anything. So I think it's a quick review for Dead Sexy:

  • This is book two in the Garnet Lacey series. Garnet is a sort of quirky, cute seeming goth looking girl who is a Wiccan and runs a book store and new age type of shop. You'd never guess she is harboring a goddess (Lilith, who slumbers within Garnet's womb), who Garnet called when she was attacked by some Vatican witch hunters. Those witch hunters died under Lilith's wrath, Garnet was left with the bodies and has been hiding from the law ever since. While Garnet's behavior is considered eccentric by normal people, she's really a witch who can see dead people and read auras and has vampire boyfriends. In this book the law may be catching up with Garnet and there seem to be an unusually high number of zombies about.
  • If you read book 1, this was close to the same level as that for me. Actually, maybe better because in book 1 I kept feeling exasperated at how impulsive Garnet would act over a man. Here were less cases of me saying "Garnet don't be an impulsive idiot" as I read this. Also some relationship developments which made the series move forward nicely for me.
  • I called Garnet "cute" but she never crossed the line into saccarine or Mary-Sue. I feel like I must clarify that.
  • I liked the secondary characters in this, especially Garnet's friends. They weren't cliched, they seemed real – not always doing the right thing and always being there when the main character needed them, but still family none-the-less.
  • This was written in the first person point of view.
  • You could probably read this without book 1, but it might be a bit confusing. Garnet does summarize some of what happened in the first book, but I would recommend reading this series in order.
  • I find these covers very cute. Especially the little cat.
  • So.. fun read. An entertaining narrative, some romance, zombies, friends and magic. 
  • Excerpt of book 2
  • Book 3, Romancing the Dead comes out in May 2008.

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3 thoughts on “Dead Sexy by Tate Hallaway

  1. Hi there. Welcome to vox! Yup, I (try) to post about most of the books I read here. 🙂 Hope you like book 1. Let me know what you think after if you read it, even if you didn't like it.

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