Shomi contest winner

Huh, check this out, the winner of the Shomi writing contest was announced as Gayle Williams. The blurb for her book sounds pretty interesting (via Romantic Reads):

"TSUNAMI BLUE By Gayle Williams

The book takes place after a number of major tsunamis have reduced much of the world to a series of islands.  Kathryn "Blue" O'Malley, known as Tsunami Blue, is a voice of hope across the radio airwaves, for she has a special ability to predict where the next tsunami will hit and can warn her fellow survivors.  She lives alone on an island with only her dog Max for company, hoping to stay under the radar of the Runners, pirates of the new world order who would use her gift only for their own gain.  When a Runner washes up on her shores, she guardedly takes him in–not knowing the pirates are just as much after him as they are her.

Gayle Williams lives on a small island off the coast of Washington state.  This is her debut novel, and was heavily inspired by a trip to Southeast Asia in 2004.  Her plane landed 12 hours after the historic tsunami devastated the area."

I think I'll put this on the list of books to look out for.

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