Twilight perfume? I’m boggled.

OK, so I was a bit weirded out that there is a Twilight perfume out there. I think I spied it on some Borders or B&N email. I was even more surprised when I googled it and at Hot Topic it's $48 dollars (isn't the intended audience mainly teens – that's not cheap)..One per customer? And the apple says "The Forbidden Fruit Tastes The Sweetest"? Gag, so cheesy. I went googling while chatting with a friend online about it:

janicu: duddeee
friend: apparently soem ppl are saying it's only 25 at borders? no idea
janicu: good lords
friend: oh wow, some one on etsy made scents for edward bella jacob and alice
 Edward: honey, lilac, and sun; with a little shimmer
Bella: freesia and lavendar
Jacob: earth woods scents like cinnamon
Alice: citrus orchid; with a little shimmer
 haha with a little shimmer, of course
 wtf is sun supposed to smell like

These two kids on etsy must be making lots of money because they've had 1,422 sales as of this posting.

I saw that HotTopic – has a whole twilight section with t-shirts (I ❤ boys with sparkle) and Twilight Edward Body Shimmer and Alice's choker even. Egads.. the marketing for this book seems overboard.

Oh look Borders also has a Twilight Shop. It does look like the perfume there is a different one from Hot Topic, with a different bottle shape and is $24.99.

I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. But then I remembered Harry Potter and the marketing involved with all of that so I guess I shouldn't feel as surprised as I do. I suppose it's because I've never been fanatic about something like it seems that people are about Twilight.  It's like being in an entirely different culture I just don't understand.

And then today I saw this on perez hilton's website via reviewer x:

"We smell a lawsuit coming!

Naughty, naughty, naughty!

The makers of the new Twilight fragrance have done something VERY bad.

They've ripped off the bottle for the "Nina" by Nina Ricci fragrance.

With all the money they are making on the film you'd think they could afford designing their own bottle!

The Twilight bottle has completely ripped off Nina Ricci's bottle design, right down to the leaves on the lid. The only difference is the script on the bottle and the box that it comes in."

Life is .. interesting, that's for sure.

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