Kreativ Blog Award

Jace of Jace Scribbles gave me this blog award! Thanks Jace!

Here are the rules that come with it which everyone seems to be ignoring, so I probably will loosely follow them like everyone else:

~Mention the blog that gave it to you.
~Comment on their blog to let them know you've posted the award.
~Share 6 values that are important to you.
~Share 6 things you do not support.
~Share the love with 6 other blogging friends.


OK, well I've been thinking about 6 things to post about which is what Jace did with her 6 most memorable reads of 2008. I thought I'd do a visual "6 things that are keeping me happy despite not being on vacation anymore (work is killing meeee)":


1) I had a really good Christmahanukkah: The above Christmas Tree was at my brother's house. His girlfriend goes all out with decorations, it looks good, doesn't it?  Everyone got nice presents, but what made this probably the best holiday I have ever had with my family was there wasn't any tension. Everyone was healthy, everyone was relaxed. I actually thought to myself – "Hey I'm happy". Even with scurrying back and forth between my in-laws and my parents who by some strange fate decided to retire 30 minutes away from each other, I had a good time. I miss it already.

2) My sister graduated from college:  HALLLELUYAH. Let's just say it was a lot of work for her, but I also helped (chauffeur, slave, nag, surrogate mom). I have a grey hair that sometimes I call Blanche (from "The Golden Girls") and sometimes I call Sis. I'm really proud though.


3) We're adopting 2 cats: I was devastated last year when our 17 year old cat, Red, passed away. I still cry every so often. I don't think I'll really get over it completely. Anyway, I miss having a pet. So I'm really really looking forward to getting two kittens, maybe siblings in the near future. We've been cleaning the apartment and preparing. Above image is from Cute Overload which is a blog I'm addicted to. Yes I have been also obsessively looking at petfinder and and other places. ALL THE CATS LOOK CUTE, that's my dilemma. Two spoiled cats.. at my house soon.


4) Harlequin sent me presents: Hey I like surprises so I was quite giddy to find this Vintage Cover Calendar from Tell Harlequin when I came back home. It was like Christmas all over again! Plus I didn't have a 2009 calendar, so this was useful. Today Tell Harlequin also sent me two Harlequin Suspense novels to read! Whoohoo!


5) I won these Colby Hodge books! This is a futuristic writer I haven't tried, which is why I entered Ann Aguirre's contest for them. I try to only enter contests now when I really want something because my TBR is big and I am weak. Hopefully I can work on making it smaller this year. Anyway, really looking forward to these reads, I saw a review on Twist recently from someone I think is a tough reviewer and they liked it. So I think I will too.


6) I won this Two Guys Read Jane Austen book! from AustenBlog. Yes, I am still semi on a Jane Austen kick. Why I'm not sick of it? I'm not sure.


Who else I'm giving this award to: Tez (Tez Says) , BookFiendO and Deety (Urban Fantasy). They're all blogs that I really like and think should get the award.

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