Another one that looks interesting

Salt and Silver
Anna Katherine

Hmm. Doorway to Hell at a restaurant the heroine works in, guarded fo six years so far by a demon hunter who she's interested in (but he doesn't seem interested in her):

"Allie can’t seem to get it together.  Ever since her mom ran away to Rio with Rio—her tennis instructor—stealing Allie’s trust fund and her comfortable way of life, Allie has been floundering.  She works in Sally’s Diner, and lives above it. And one night in the basement, she and her friends chant a ridiculous spell—for money, for luck, for love…and open a Doorway to Hell. 

Ryan thinks he’s got it all figured out.  When the Door opened he appeared out of nowhere, a Stetson-wearing demon hunter dressed in leather. He’s assigned to the Door, and hangs out at the diner, and when the Door disappears he is certain that Allie had something to do with it.

But something strange is happening in Brooklyn.  Something bigger than Allie, and Ryan, and the Door in the diner basement.  And when a meeting of demon hunters gives birth to a dangerous idea, Allie and Ryan are left to wonder if the fragile feelings growing between them can survive a trip to Hell…or if they themselves will survive at all.  "

The author Anna Katherine is actually two people named Anna and Kat. According to their website they "have both worked in the publishing industry for most of their lives. They wrote Salt and Silver to be a jolly romp, starring a type of heroine they love but rarely see in romance novels." Could be good. But is this paranormal romance or urban fantasy? I'm not sure. The writing in the excerpt sort of has a flippant, almost young adult vibe but it's not young adult. The publisher is Tor.

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