Baby Bonanza by Maureen Child

OK, a quick review here. This is another one of the 16 free Harlequins, this time from the Silhouette Desire line.

Jenna Baker worked for Nick Falco on one of his cruiseships, but after a week long affair together, Nick fired her because she didn't tell him she was his employee. Jenna got pregnant, but Nick ignored all her emails, phonecalls and messages for months and has no idea that he's a father. Jenna just wants Nick to know and to ask for child support for the twins, so she buys a ticket on his newest cruise to approach him in person.

Overall: OK, but I ended up not really liking this one. I thought Falco sounded like a big jerk. For example: "His plan to seduce Jenna and then lose her was backfiring […] Time to take her to bed. Before they got the results of the DNA test." He thought she was a liar but he didn't mind sleeping with her – and then discarding her. When his assistant tells him she thinks Jenna is being straight with him - "He shifted uncomfortably because he didn't want her to be right. It was much easier on him to think of Jenna as a liar and a manipulator. Those kind of women he know how to deal with". Um.. Ok so what is Nick's view of most women? Liars? After this I was somewhat disappointed at how easily Jenna jumped back into bed with Nick. His player persona was off-putting, and I had a hard time buying the transformation into a family guy – it seemed superficially done. The sex to romance ratio was more on sex, little on romance. At one point they were doing something in what I think was in the same room as their sleeping babies! Ack. Page 159 by the way. At least his trying to get back into her good graces was alright, but after what he put her through I think Nick should have had to work a little harder than he did.

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