Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs

Thanks to a contest at Avidbookreader's blog, I won a copy of Bone Crossed. This is the fourth book (out of seven?) in the Mercy Thompson series:

      1. Moon Called (my goodreads review)
      2. Blood Bound (my goodreads review)
      3. Iron Kissed (my review)
      4. Bone CrossedExcerpt of Chapter 1

Bone Crossed starts off soon after where Iron Kissed left off – Mercy is still recovering from the events in the last novel when the charred, tortured body of Stefan drops out of thin air into the middle of her trailer. The obvious conclusion is that Marsilia, ruling vampire of the Tri-Cities has found out about their involvement in the death of Andre, one of her own, and now Mercy and all her friends are in danger.

*** Spoilers for previous books will likely follow. *** 

Overall: OK, this is one of my favorite series, and despite my not liking HC, I think even if I didn't win it, I was going to break down and buy the book. I think I'm predesposed to like this book before even reading it, despite my feeling upset over what happened in Iron Kissed. I, like Mercy, have recovered somewhat, and I want to see what happens next. 

I think what draws me to these books are the characters. Mercy of course is a smart, self sufficient character, but she has a lot of support from a very strong supporting cast. I feel happy reading this series because I know I'll get to see the satellite characters again. Briggs' tends to create some very interesting people with mysterious backstories and it's rewarding to catch glimpses of what makes them tick. Mercy is learning about them at the same time, and makes some observations which I don't think I'd have really picked up on myself. Besides some insight into her enemies she also pays attention to Adam, Samuel, and Stefan. Adam seen as her mate is somewhat different from just one of her two suitors. This was great because I think Mercy has to also learn how to trust other people too, so her character is growing because of the relationship. Samuel has a new level of sadness which I think may need to be addressed soon; you worry about him. And Stefan has re-entered her life.  

This is of course combined with whatever trouble Mercy has gotten herself into at the time. In Bone Crossed, Mercy is not only dealing with an angry Marsilia, but another problem – an college acquantance needs help with a nearby haunting in Spokane. Mercy's last real involvement with the vampires occured in Blood Bound, so I'd recommend reacquainting yourself with that book before you read this. I had to remember who certain characters were, but it wasn't very hard to figure things out again. Stefan is a likeable character and I sort of missed him. Mercy wasn't very happy with him because of what he did at the end of Blood Bound, so they had a couple of things to sort through, but I think they came to a better understanding after Bone Crossed.

It's pretty hard for me to come up with anything negative about this book. There are only two really nitty things I can think of. One was feeling somewhat suspicious of how seemingly easy it was to get Mercy to Spokane. The wolves thought it would make her safer to look into the ghost issue while Marsilia was angry, but I thought it somewhat unlike Mercy to leave. In the end the two story arcs worked well together so this was practically a non-issue. The other thing was one minor timeline thing which threw me out of what seemed like a pivotal emotional scene. Mercy went to the bathroom in one sentence and dresses, then the very next one she takes a step towards the bathroom.  Threw me off. Yeah that's all I have (after racking my brain too)!

So in the end a satisfied sigh from me.

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