Have you heard the latest about amazon? Here's a couple of links with the low down:
I really have a love/hate relationship with that company. This latest controversy is making me swing over to hate yet again. I have to now get a Barnes and Noble or Borders affiliate account and start linking my books over to them instead of Amazon. Also must ask people not to buy me gift certs there and get it elsewhere instead. I feel very aggravated.

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2 thoughts on “#amazonfail

  1. Yeah I heard about this hacker – I don't buy it at all – I think someone wants the attention. People were complaining about this to amazon since Feb, and only this past weekend did so many changes get made that more people noticed and complained enough for them to fix it. And I heard someone tried what the hacker said he did and it didn't work? Something like that. Plus amazon is saying one of their programmers in France did something that did this.
    I've been thinking about it and, OK I have calmed down first of all. 🙂 And… well amazon says it's fixed the problem, and that it was a 'glitch', but I don't like the idea of there being something where they classify some things as 'adult' and somethings as not? No matter what it is. So I guess it falls into what your opinion on if classifying things so that they won't show up on searches or ranked is ok or not.
    This plus other things amazon did in the past that I wasn't that happy about (removing people's reasonable 3 star reviews because authors asked minions to complain to amazon about them, thus giving them only 5 star reviews, amazon not doing anything about it), means I think I'm just going to shop elsewhere, but I'm not saying everyone should feel this way.
    It's way too much work going through all my entries and taking out amazon links. Just from this point on I'll link elsewhere.

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