BEA day uno

Entrance to BEA

Entrance to BEA

BEA day 1 was awesome. AWESOME. I walked around with glee, and I met some very cool, very nice bloggers and authors, but ok, I’m old because after 4 hours I was tired and hungry and after 6 I was done. It may have been the 50 pounds or so of books I was carrying around. Here’s my haul for today (Shannon Hale, Scott Westerfield, Rachel Vincent and Sarah MacLean signed their books – heeeee).



More booty!!

More booty!!

3 thoughts on “BEA day uno

  1. Sigh….what I wouldn’t give to be at BEA. It was so frickin’ awesome when it was in L.A. last year – although they were apparently unhappy with the turn out (could have fooled me. I thought there was a TON of people there!).

    I was curious how the swag would be this year – given the economy – but it looks like you did really, really well!

    Are you going back for Saturday and/or Sunday? My advice? Keep on wearing good shoes, put your feet up at night and pop some Tylenol. It’s exhausting, but oh what a fantastic book orgy it is!

    • I thought you were going to be there, I was peering around! 😦 Oh well.

      THANK YOU so much for telling me to wear good shoes and being painkillers on twitter. You were so right. Best advice ever. I took an Advil mid-day and just popped some Tylenol.. *props feet up*.

      I’m going Saturday. Whoo, I hope I make it. I think the pain is TOTALLY worth it though.

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