Persuasion (1995)

I haven’t had a chance to mention it earlier, but I watched Persuasion, so one down, 5 to go in my Everything Austen Challenge. This is the 1995 version with Ciarán Hinds and Amanda Root . Liked this version just as much as ever. I like this about equally to the 2007 version with Sally Hawkins and Rupert Penry-Jones, but for slightly different reasons. Um. I don’t usually review movies here, so just saying I watched it (for the eighth time or something) suffices I hope?!

Here’s a couple of things I found on youtube that are related. The Masterpiece Theatre trailer for this movie, which I thought made more sense than the Sony Classics trailer is for those who haven’t seen this Persuasion yet, and a fan video which hits all the highlights of the romance is for those who have:

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