Moving on, letting go

I’ve had a couple of discussions with people whose opinions I like to pay attention to, and after about 7 months of my personal Amazon boycott, I’ve decided I’m over it and will start putting links to Amazon up here again.
1) They fixed the problem with the amazonfail (even though their explanation left me kinda meh)
2) They apologized for moving customers books from their kindles
3) While I still feel irritated that authors can game the system, well.. I’ve moved onto the idea the authors are probably more to blame than the system.
So, thinking about it, I feel like 7 months is enough. While I will probably spend more of my money elsewhere, I no longer think I need to stop linking to them. I also like giving people a choice and I understand a lot of people didn’t have the same strong reactions that I did (in my own household, I have people disagreeing with me). Hopefully amazon doesn’t do something else .. *crosses fingers*. 
Now on to grumbling about other things, like how advertisements for that Orphan movie take over one third of the screen while I’m watching the Tour de France. *shakes fist*.

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