A Kitten & Gone with the Wind

I’m in Arizona visiting the in-laws right now. I’m working on a review of Jane Bites Back and I’m reading The Darkly Luminous Fight for Persephone Parker but in the meantime here is a post with a couple of pictures to look at.

This is their cat, Gilda, who is 8 months old (I think she’s around there) and loves string. She looks funny because she had ringworm and the shelter shaved her, and her fur hasn’t grown back to the right length. I’ve been trying to teach Gilda fetch, but I think I’m the one fetching more than Gilda. She’s a very sweet cat.

Also: I stole this image from my husband as it was better than the one I took. 😛

To make this about books too, I also went to a friends of the library sale and bought a copy of S.L.Viehl’s Biorescue , and this copy of Gone with the Wind for my mom. Mom always tells the story of how she used to have this really nice copy of Gone with the Wind, one of her favorite books of all time, and someone borrowed it and never gave it back. I thought this copy was pretty, although probably not as fancy as the one my mom had, since that was leather and this is just very embossed and gilted. I’ve never read this book by the way.

5 thoughts on “A Kitten & Gone with the Wind

  1. You’ve come all the way out west and you’re not stopping in to see me? lol.

    That’s one cute kitty. Also, GONE WITH THE WIND is a wonderful book. So much better than I was expecting.

    • I read the first page and the last page (I wasn’t spoiled, I already know how it ends) and the writing is excellent. I understand why it’s so many people’s favorite book. But it’s long!

      You don’t live in AZ! Too far still.

  2. I had a copy of GWTW that I literally read to pieces. The binding broke, and I’d just carry around whatever broken section I happened to be reading at the time. Eventually even that stopped working, and it’s the only book that I’ve literally read so much that it disintegrated!

    That’s a nice thought… buying a copy for your Mom. Too bad my mother doesn’t read fiction, because I’d love to buy her books too.

    • Wow. Now that’s really loving a book to pieces. Did you get a replacement copy after it fell apart?

      It’s fun when my mom and my reading taste overlaps (she’s more of a historical fiction/ historical romance reader). We both like the Julia Grey series by Deanna Raybourn. 🙂

      • I did as a matter of fact. I got that new HC with the yellow and brown dust jacket. Still, I wish I had my original, since it was my grandmother who gave it to me.

        I envy you, sharing a reading bond with your mother. I just read my first Deanna Raybourn a month ago – The Dead Travel Fast – and I was impressed. She’s a great writer. I’ll have to try the Julia Grey series too.

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