Helping Nashville Schools – please pass this information along

Rebecca Brothers of Reader with a Capital R announced at the Book Blogger Convention that she wanted to help Nashville schools after the flooding there. There is an organization called Pencil Foundation, which links “community resources of both volunteers and materials with Metro Nashville Public Schools.”

The Pencil Foundation:
The Pencil Foundation has a school supply program. Rebecca describes it thus:

“Community businesses donate their unneeded office supplies, old letterhead, gently used office machines, surplus products, and brand new school supplies to the foundation’s “store”. Teachers from Nashville Metro Public Schools are allowed to make an appointment to “shop” there twice per school year (all items are free to teachers).”

Sadly this store suffered water damage during the recent Nashville flooding and over 2000 books were destroyed.

How people can help:
The Pencil Foundation is asking for donations so that they can hold a book fair in October, where they let schoolteachers take 30 books for their kids. Last year they gave away 6000 books in a day. You can donate books, your time, or plastic storage bins and shelving. If you are interested in donating our time or storage, Rebecca explains it further on her blog here. Since I know most people will probably find it easiest to send books, this is what they’re looking for (This is also taken from Rebecca’s blog):

Children’s books: board books, pre-school books, flap books, activity (coloring, sticker) books, picture books, young readers, beginning readers, children’s and young adult chapter books, and high school materials. Their most pressing needs are for books struggling readers at the elementary and middle school level can enjoy. High interest non-fiction books are as welcome as fiction. Many students are reading below grade level or are English Language Learners. Books in Spanish would also be greatly welcome. New or used books are great. As Ulli said, “A book can have many lives and last many years.”

This is the mailing address to send these books:
1300 56th Ave North
Nashville, TN 37209

I’ve also made some buttons for this so you can put them on you sidebar or website. They link to Rebecca’s blog post 🙂

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