Originally when I started my book blog it was on vox. After a little while I started cross-posting to Livejournal because that was a place with a better community and I’d had a personal blog there and was used to the interface. Then I found out that people had issues commenting on Livejournal when they didn’t have one, and I started a blog and cross posted to THERE too.

Well, vox is closing at the end of this month. I am keeping Livejournal and WordPress as usual and nothing will change there (I hope), but most of my images for my book reviews are hosted on vox so there will be a little bit of hair-pulling and whatnot as I back up my images elsewhere and update all the posts so that the image links aren’t broken.. oh only over 490 posts.. I’ll figure it out, but in the meantime if you see weirdness on the feed or friend’s page, please excuse it.

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