Guest review on Jawas Read, Too! & WordPress feed hiccups

Over at the awesome speculative fiction book blog,  Jawas Read, Too! is the (relatively) new  Book Uno feature:

The Rules

Player 1 reads a book and picks a item (type of character, setting, genre, relationship, etc…) from that book which will be the theme (or criteria) for Player 2 to use in choosing the next book in the game. Player 2 chooses a book that matches the theme chosen by Player 1 and reviews it.  Players choose themes for each other, not specific books.

I was delighted to play. My challenge was to read a book in the speculative fiction genre with a  “female protagonist”.  I reviewed:

Please head on over, see what I thought about it (hint: ♥♥♥!!)  and leave some comment love!

wordpresss feedA Note about the WordPress feed:

If you noticed weirdness this weekend where the wordpress feed was posting really old posts (dated 2009) or anything like that, I’m sorry.

I’ve been losing my mind trying to make sure that all the book cover images that were hosted on vox, which is going down at the end of this month (aka Thursday), would be hosted on Of course 3 years of posts is a lot.  There was no easy way to do this automatically (I found out after 3 weeks of trial and error and emails to support). In the end the “simplest” way was to import all of vox over here, and since this wordpress has mirrored my vox blog since April 2009, there was overlap. This past weekend I manually edited about a year and 5 months of posts to fix the overlap. Weird feed hiccups was the result.

That was also why I was rather slow in replying to comments. I was just slogging through editing approximately 240 posts. But it’s done now, and I’ve come out relatively sane.  *knock on wood*. 😉

Now I just have to update my review index. And figure out what to do about the vox images on the livejournal mirror. Ahhhh!!

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