Book Blogger Holiday Swap

This weekend I received my gift from the Book Blogger Holiday Swap from Page from As the Page Turns. She did very well in what she sent –  Beastly by Alex Flinn and Dreams Underfoot by Charles de Lint. I’ve been meaning to read Beastly “one day”, but it didn’t seem to be happening, and although I downloaded the audiobook, the volume hasn’t been loud enough for me to hear it in the car (using just the nook’s speakers at least). So I’m very happy to have the book! And Charles de Lint – I need to read more de Lint. I usually enjoy his stuff (The Blue Girl and Moonheart were two I liked), but haven’t read his stuff in a while. That needs to be remedied.

Thank you, Page!

5 thoughts on “Book Blogger Holiday Swap

    • I read a few pages last year online, and I didn’t like the main character, but when I listened to the audiobook (like 2 chapters worth before I gave up because I couldn’t hear half of it), I liked the voice much better. We’ll see how it is the third time I start (and you know, actually get to continue). 🙂

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