Reading Raves: Beauty and the Beast Illustrations

Ranting & raving is something I do periodically on this blog. Look for the “rants and raves” category for past rants and raves.

I finished Beastly and I’m writing up a review for it, but because I’m visiting my parents I keep getting interrupted mid-thought (hmm).  So while I edit my review here’s some lovely Beauty and the Beast inspired images that I found online.

Angela Barrett

Annie Leibovitz for Vogue Magazine (via Once Upon a Blog)

Rebecca Guay


Marianna Mayer

Allen Williams

George Barr

Eugenio Recuenco

Hilary Knight

Anne Grahame Johnstone

4 thoughts on “Reading Raves: Beauty and the Beast Illustrations

    • Yeah, one of my faves too. Something about the Beast’s redeeming himself appeals to me. This MAY have something to do with Robin McKinley’s two retellings!

      I liked BEASTLY. So positive review of it coming. 🙂

  1. I love these! Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale so I’m always curious about retellings and illustrations about it. I like the Annie Leibovitz ones because it represents Beast as a lion and that reminds me of Curran in the Kate Daniels series. 🙂

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