Books on Film: What Dreams May Come

The Library in Paradise in the 1998 movie, What Dreams May Come is one of my favorite libraries on the silver screen. Imagine all those books, waiting for you to float upwards to reach and read them! The only thing I’d change is having so much water nearby, although I guess these books are supposed to be indestructible.

Here are some captured images from the movie. Anyone else have a favorite library from a movie?


Concept Art:

9 thoughts on “Books on Film: What Dreams May Come

    • I like the Beauty and the Beast library too — in the cartoon and in the description in Robin McKinley’s version (I don’t remember if she described a library in both her Beauty and the Beast retellings, but she did in one and I loved it).

  1. Lenore nailed it. When I read your question the only library that came to mind was Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. I think it’s because her reaction to it was one that I would have.

  2. in the What Dreams May Come library everyone is in boats. I’d be swimming.

    swimming & books. swimming to get to books. floating on my back in the water, reading a book. now that’s heaven! and like you said, these books are indestructable. and waterproof. 😉

    my favorite movie library is the vatican library in Angels & Demons. It’s a real place, but who knows if that’s what it really looks like?

    • Ohh, I haven’t seen the movie Angels and Demons, so I guess I have to now just for the library! Thanks for the suggestion.

      Yes, swimming and floating and reading. What a life!

  3. This library was inspired in Etienne Louis Boullée , architect, 1718-1799
    concept artist of this movie, took lot of references from french architecture from XVIII century
    please google him.

    nothing new under the sky.

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