Reading Raves: Red Riding Hood Illustrations

Ranting & raving is something I do periodically on this blog. Look for the “rants and raves” category for past rants and raves.

I cannot BELIEVE how many pictures of Little Red Riding Hood there are online! I could do TWO posts about it. Actually… I think I will.

Walter Crane

“Red Riding Hood” (1865) by John Everett Millais

German Post, 1962

Tyler Garrison

George Sheridan Knowles

James Sant

Paul Woodroffe

Jesse Willcox Smith

Vanessa Elms

Warwick Goble

American McGee concept art (Luis Melo)

American McGee concept art (Ken Wong)

Nao-Tukiji Saikusa

[many many more images!]

4 thoughts on “Reading Raves: Red Riding Hood Illustrations

    • 🙂 That picture is one of my favorites too! I think I’ve had Nao-Tukiji Saikusa’s website bookmarked for a couple of years just because of it.

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