One Book, Two Book, Three Book, Four.. And Five

Having another one of those busy weeks (way too many of those lately), but still truckin’. 🙂  This short and sweet meme (found via Angieville) is something I can do though.


1. Book I am currently reading: I’m reading three books. Flesh and Blood by Kristen Painter, A Weekend with Mr. Darcy by Victoria Connelly, and Sword of Fire and Sea by Erin Hoffman. I’ve been having a hard time concentrating on one book lately, so I have been picking up one book, reading for a bit, setting it down, picking up another. Ever had one of those weeks? It is not one of my favorite things. I don’t blame the books so much as my mind just being distracted.


2. Book I last finished: In my quest for something that would keep my attention, I went for a couple of short category reads by Kelly Hunter because BookDaze has been indulging in a glom. These were short 120 page lil numbers that I downloaded and read one sitting at a time. I adored The Man She Loves to Hate, but Wife for a Week just did not work for me. Still, finishing a book felt good.


3. Next book I want to read: I do not know, but I think maybe a contemporary romance may be what I’m in the mood for. I am considering Kristan Higgins since a lot of bloggers have read and liked her stuff and I have yet to try her books. OR, I may just read the copy of Cold Fire that’s on the TBR, which I think I will probably love.

4. Last book I bought: That would be the ebook version of Wife for a Week by Kelly Hunter.

5. Last book I was given: That would be Cold Fire by Kate Elliot as well as a copy of Kingdom of Gods by N. K. Jemisin that Orbit sent me last week. Very happy about them and plan to get to them soon.

14 thoughts on “One Book, Two Book, Three Book, Four.. And Five

  1. Totally know what you mean about picking something up, reading a bit, putting it down, etc. Ad nauseum. Ugh.

    I do love that cover of A WEEKEND WITH MR. DARCY. So cute.

    Hope you enjoy a Kristan Higgins at some point. 🙂

      • I know. And the longer it goes the more you’re like, maybe it IS the books. Cause if it’s ME, then something is wrong . . .

        But it passes. But I always sort of wonder about the books I read (or fail to) in those periods.

        • OMG, YES. I’m thinking is it this thing in this book, and this thing in that book? Luckily I don’t tend to stay in a funk for long, so I think it will pass.

  2. I’ve been wanting to read that Kate Elliott series — it looks so good!

    And I totally hear you about reading more than one book. I work at a bookstore, so I’ve been taking short books off the shelf there and reading them on my breaks to take a break from whatever I’m reading at home. 😀

  3. Argh, I hate that feeling when all of the books that you’re reading aren’t that engaging. It feels like a slump that’s waiting to happen, right? I hope you get over it soon! Reading a contemporary romance or something light and fun is always a good idea. Maybe you can check out Anna and the French Kiss since that’s an easy read?

    • Yeah, I don’t want to go into an actual slump, I want to finish these books! And I will! I WILL!

      Maybe. I’m sort of reluctant to get another book right now when el TBR is pretty big already (this will pass, I’m sure, but I feel like I got a bunch of books sort of recently – in the past month. When I get through a few I can probably get more).

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