Cinder audiobook winner

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Congratulations to Charlotte, who won the Cinder audiobook! Macmillian Audio will be sending that out to you ASAP!

For those who did not win, this cute puppy is here to virtually hug you.


4 thoughts on “Cinder audiobook winner

  1. dont mind me, im just giggling maniacally to myself in the corner about what a crazy person i am. for one hot second i thought i must have entered this contest in my sleep bc i didnt remember doing so, and here i won? then i realized there are other people with my name out there. le sigh. i will happily take the virtual puppy hug!

    • Ha, yes, I think there are about 3 Charlottes who read my blog but only one Charlotte entered the giveaway. Maybe I should have said “Charlotte from Where-ever-this-Charlotte-is-from” instead…next time, next time. And I can see you giggling away.

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