I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

[Hi Everyone! I started a class that goes on for a month (it’s for work) and the labwork is seriously cutting into my free time, which means less posting over here on the ol’ blog, at least for May. This class is crazy busy – it’s the pilotย  so they’re throwing everything at us right now to see how much we can take. Thankfully there are no grades, but each lab has to be completed correctly in order to do the next one – which means homework that takes me 3 hours every frickin’ day. *shakes fist at instructors who cackle loudly as they give us our assignments*. But I STILL manage to squeak in some reading time, so there. ]
OK, review time.
Copy borrowed from my local library.

I've Got Your Number
Sophie Kinsella

The Premise: Poppy Wyatt was having a bad day. First she lost her engagement ring, the one that’s been in her fiance’s family for at least three generations. Then, her phone is snatched out of her hand by a passing thief on a bike. Now if someone finds her ring, they can’t call her to tell her about it! Frantic, salvation comes to Poppy in the form of a phone she finds tossed in the trash – a perfectly good phone that still works. She quickly tells everyone her new number, but then businessman Sam Roxton shows up. He says Poppy has his phone, and he needs it back. Desperate to find her ring and not to let her fiance Magnus or his intimidatingly intellectual family know it’s missing, Poppy gets Sam to reluctantly agree on a temporary deal – she will forward all his messages until she finds her ring. Of course, nosy Poppy can’t help glancing at a message or two as she forwards it to Sam, and pretty soon she’s giving him unasked for advice about his life and business, and Sam is helping Poppy out with her own problems.
Read an excerpt of I’ve Got Your Number here
My Thoughts: Sophie Kinsella is hit or miss for me. I either like her books OK, but not that enthusiastically (Shopaholic, Remember Me?), or I find them hilarious keepers (Can You Keep A Secret?). Sometimes they fall somewhere in between those two (The Undomestic Goddess). She’s an author who is perpetually on my “maybe” list. I’ve Got Your Number caught my eye because it looked like it had some of the elements that I liked so much about Can You Keep a Secret? (a quirky heroine, an alpha businessman, a plot with an amusing set of circumstances). I wasn’t sure about there being a potential love triangle, but when positive reviews from bloggers I trust came out, it gave me the push to get my hands on it. I’m so glad, because you can put I’ve Got Your Number in the keeper column now. It gave me what I wanted: a chick lit with a nice amount of getting-to-know-you time between characters, good romantic chemistry, and plenty of laughs.
Poppy narrates the story. I liked her. She amusing, but not so silly that I wanted to strangle her, and a pleaser, but not so accommodating that she becomes a complete idiot (I like to laugh, but not at the expense of my respect for the main character). Yes, Poppy has her moments, but I always understood where she came from, even if what she did was sometimes questionable. Plenty of people would peek at someone else’s emails given the opportunity, and who doesn’t understand keeping something quiet so they can themselves time to fix it? Of course, that Poppy is too afraid to talk to Magnus about losing her engagement ring says something about their relationship that she hasn’t admitted to herself, but that’s another issue altogether. Another is her fear of her soon-to-be in-laws, who intimidate Poppy with their genius level intellect. In Poppy’s eyes, the academic Tavish’s are so much smarter than her that she feels put on the spot when they ask her anything.
But what Poppy perceives and what the truth is are sometimes two different things – not just about her in-laws but about other people, including Sam. This is why the outside perspective of a complete stranger (like Sam) works out well for her. Similarly, Poppy’s nosiness starts off like it’s crossing the line, but it has its uses, which Sam finds out. There’s a lot of different elements of their lives in the mix here, and I really enjoyed how Kinsella managed to seamlessly tackle both the corporate politics of Sam’s world and the interpersonal relationship tangle of Poppy’s. There was something so addictive in following Poppy and Sam’s texts and emails and the breathless twists and turns that came from their fateful meeting. Everything manages to make sense in the end, and it worked out in a way that I was happy with. I had been worried about how the story would handle Poppy’s engagement while meeting another man, but that was tied up nicely. I felt that Kinsella made things romantic and even heady with anticipation at the appropriate times. And have I mentioned how hilarious the story is too? There is one part, Poppy and Sam’s second official face-to-face, that had me laughing so loud that my husband reports I scared the cat in the other room. It’s too long to excerpt here, but I tell you, it’s a scene I think about and grin like a fool. Instead, here’s a small example of the texts Poppy and Sam send back and forth. This is early in their relationship and you can already tell that there’s a familiarity forming between these two:

How will you explain missing ring?
I have a moment’s internal debate. What not get a second opinion? Lining up the screen carefully, I take a photo of my bandaged hand and MMS it to him. Five second later he replies.
You cannot be serious.
I feel a twinge of resentment and find myself typing:
What would YOU do then?
I’m half-hoping he might have some brilliant idea I hadn’t thought of. But his next text just says:
This is why men don’t wear rings.
Great. Well, that’s really helpful. I’m about to type something sarcastic back, when a second text arrives:
It looks phony. Take off one bandage.
I stare at my hand in dismay. Perhaps he’s right.
OK. Thx.

Overall: I really liked this one. I thought that I’ve Got Your Number had that perfect balance of hilarity and lightness with a page-flipping, not-always-expected plot while at the same time serving up the slow-burn of two strangers meeting and falling for each other over text messages and emails, shared secrets and experiences. I devoured it and sighed happily at the ending. I plan to eventually buy myself a copy for my keeper shelf.
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13 thoughts on “I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

  1. Oh wow, that class sounds really hectic! I’m amazed you still found time to write a review.

    Looks like I need to find a copy of this. I’m not a fan of Kinsella’s other books but I’ve been hearing good things about this one from you, Holly and Angie so I have a feeling I’ll like it. That passage that you quoted had me smiling. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Thanks. I feel with my class I am on overdrive – every thing must be done QUICKLY!

      This is a good one in my opinion. I also liked CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET? — so those two are my faves of Kinsella’s and are the ones I think people should give a whirl. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ack! Good luck with your class!

    I was disappointed that I didn’t really click with this one the way other people did. I just didn’t enjoy Poppy enough. My favorite scene was totally their second meeting though! It was the funniest part of the book, and I love how completely oblivious Sam could be.

    • Thanks. They let us out early today! I have some homework though. We’ll see how that goes.

      Ah well, that’s going to happen. I think I was in that boat with DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE. I just wasn’t as wowed as a lot of people were, although I think I could be when the story gets expanded in the next book. I think there are a couple of other books were I had that experience. Nothing you can do!

      Yeah, Sam just doesn’t worry too much about what other people think, unlike Poppy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. 3 HOURS?! That’s horrible. I’m sorry. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I hope it is interesting and/or you are learning something worthwhile.

    Ok, I read the excerpt and it made me LOL again! This was such a fun read for me, I’m glad you seemed to like it just as much. You and Angie and a few others have convinced me I have to read Can You Keep a Secret?, which I just got from the library. I hope it’s just as entertaining. (Also I’m kind of picky about when I’m in the mood for chick lit/contemporary romance so I may wait a bit beore diving in.)

    I love how the lightness of the plot made the pages fly by BUT Kinsella still managed to keep the romance a slow-burning one. Well said. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. This may be one I have to get. I remember loving Remember Me? but found the Shopaholic series a little blah, but this one sounds right up my alley ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I still haven’t read anything other than Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic. I tried reading Remember Me? but couldn’t really get into it. Maybe I should try this one; it sounds good!

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