Guest post for FantasyCafe’s Women in SF&F Month / Interview for Emma Larkins’ Writing Life


Today I’m excited to be at FantasyCafe’s Women in SF&F Month for the second year of this awesome event. Last year I talked about some of my favorite female SF&F authors. This year I wax nostalgic about some of my first reads in this genre that were by women writers. Head on over to find out what they were, and please tell me what your firsts were too. I’m curious!

the lost king margaret weisthe blue sword robin mckinleythe changeover by margaret mahy

emma larkins - writing life

I was also recently interviewed by Emma Larkins, a writer who interviews different people on her blog about their perspectives on the writing and publishing community. She was interested in asking a book blogger’s perspective, so I’m over there answering questions about what I like to read, how I blog, issues I run into while reading, and things that don’t work when approaching me for a review.

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