Audiobooks and the nook

I’ve been listening to the Suite Scarlett audiobook on my rides back and forth to work (review forthcoming).

On Audiobooks:

  • I like listening to audiobooks! This was my first one. I don’t know why I haven’t been listening to audiobooks before (Oh.. .maybe because my car only has a CD player and I have no idea where my Ipod is).
  • I can get into the story pretty well, but  think my concentration on the story isn’t as good when I get it aurally versus visually.  Maybe it’s because I don’t re-listen to a passage the way I reread passages. A problem when you’re driving and can’t rewind.
  • The other problem I have is that the narrator really makes or breaks a story. Their inflections and emphasis can change the interpretation, especially when a character is speaking. I would have imagined how certain characters spoke differently. It also felt odd to have a female narrator do male voices. Why don’t they just bring in a male narrator for those parts? Do they? Since I’ve only listened to the one, I don’t know if what’s normal and what’s not.

On Audiobooks & the Nook:

  • It’s very easy to put the audiobook into the nook. This audiobook is an MP3 CD and what I basically did was copy over the files from the CD onto the “my audiobooks” folder in the nook via my computer and the USB cable. I haven’t bought an audiobook from B&N yet so I don’t know how different that would be.
  • The sound is much better in the car when you have headphones on, but it’s illegal to do this while driving. I tried this when my husband was driving and found it pretty good,  as long as someone does not have the radio going at the same time.
  • The sound is pretty good – not tinny like my netbook speakers, and the volume is a decent level. The nook has a good volume when you are indoors, but if you are driving, it should be at the highest level or it will be drowned out by the sound of the road. Even then it’s hard to hear. I also have to have it pretty close to me (like on my lap) to hear it. My husband isn’t a fan of this if I’m driving, so now it’s in the bin between the 2 front seats with the speakers pointed towards me (in other words. the nook is upside down).
  • NEVER turn on the nook or do any adjusting while driving! I always do this parked and then when everything is playing at the volume I want from the point I want, I drive.
  • I would be happier if I had some mini speakers or something that used the headphone jack from the nook and was a louder volume that what I can get from it, just for the car. I’ve been eying these $20 mini passive speakers from Sony, but I’ve been told they probably won’t be louder than the ones on the nook, so I’m looking for some speakers that can plug into the car’s AC socket.
  • If I listen to the nook in the morning, then turn it on later in the day, it has saved my spot in the audiobook. I love this. However, if I am checking something else out in the nook or I wait long enough so the nook is truly powered off, it does NOT save my spot and I have to search for it. This would be a pain if I had a bad memory of what chapter I was on (so far I am pretty good about remembering what around what Chapter I was on).
  • If I listen to audiobooks on the nook, the nook plays them and sort of goes into a standby state. So I have to hit the power button to be able to use it’s touchscreen again and pause the audiobook. This seems to save battery and I’ve listened to the audiobook for 4-5 hour stretches without recharging the nook.

Other nook related news: