Hmm, I like the way you can add collections to VOX but.. how come you can't add more than 5 links to the "My Links" sidebar or even add links to your profile? Bah. In the meantime I'm adding book/reading website links here. These are sites I often go to/like



1. My paperbackswap mini reviews - short reviews (about a paragraph each book) on books I've read since mid-2006..

2. Smart Bitches, Trashy Novels – snarky reviews of romance novels.

3. Feminist SF – The Blog! – sci-fi from the feminist perspective (well written and interesting site)

4. Twisted Kingdom – group book review blog of fantasy/ sci fi/ young adult

5. Lost Book Archives – website of "lost books" – books "of print and forgotten or back in print and forgotten."

6. – website of sci-fi and fantasy by women – hasn't been updated in a while..:(

7. Pat's Fantasy Hotlist – fantasy/sci fi book reveiws and giveaways. More of a male perspective of the genre.

8. Whatwasthatbook – livejournal community where people post books that the can't remember the titles to. I end up wanting to read the book they are talking about.

9. Gnooks – literature map. Allows you to enter a writer's name and get a visual map of other authors you may like.


WRITING/PUBLISHING SIDE (it fascinates me).

1. Pub rants – literary agent blog

2. Lit Agent X – another agent blog, my favorite one because its very well written – explains things very well.

3. Paperback writer – blog of author Lynn Viehl / S.L. Veihl / Gena Hale/ Jessica Hall / Rebecca Kelly. A lot of interesting posts from the POV of a writer. She also has giveaways and supports other writers..

4. Meg Cabot's diary - chick lit and young adult author. Her blog just cracks me up

5. Neil Gaiman's journal – everyone and his mother reads this it seems.

6. Fangs, Fur, Fey – LJ community for urban fantasy novelists (only novelists can be members, everyone else can watch). Very interesting..


That's all for now. There are more, but I'm tired.

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