Pet peeve

I was reading this post by Lilith Saintcrow about how certain people say that if you make money selling books you are "selling out". Are these people really idealistic and out of touch with reality or what? So elitist.

Which makes me think of another thing that annoys me - people who are elitist about what books people should enjoy. Like only certain books count as a real book, not the books that cater to "the unwashed masses", only the cerebral books count.  I think life is complicated enough, I want to escape in a book, not get reminded of life's complexities. Plus its MY free time, who the hell are you?

Subset of that: people who don't read much who give me a 'something is wrong with you' look if I tell them what type of books I read! For some reason (this has happened a couple of times), if I say I read fantasy, I seem to get a sneer. I think its probably worse for romance readers, but saying fantasy gives me a hard time too. I will read pretty much everything but I guess I prefer fun books. But then.. it is also revealed that some people who think I should read only classics or pure fiction, not genre fiction, don't even know what the hell they are talking about! This is what I got after the sneer from these ignoramuses:

1) "Fantasy.. I think that's almost like porn..My mom reads that". OH MY GOD, WHAT. Are you confusing fantasy with erotica? bahahaahaaa. This happened in college and I had to explain what fantasy was.

2) "Fantasy and sci-fi.. what's the difference? Aren't they like the same thing?" ADFHFFHFH. WHAT. This was a month ago from someone who went to graduate school. Who obviously doesn't read at all. I had to explain how Star Wars is more sci-fi and Lord of the Rings was more fantasy. After a ten minute rant, he finally conceded that there was a difference!


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