Oh ebay, part II

Wow, what snipping occurred at the last 4 minutes for those auctions I posted about!!! The one I really wanted (A thru Charnas) had 18 bids and went for $26.08. I didn't even bother to bid, it was insane. Oh well. I won the Stamey thru Z auction for $15.51 – total plus shipping was $38.62. Josh gave me a LONG incredilous look which made me squirm when I told him…. What? He just spent $150 on a new bike seat. $38.62 on 106 books = $0.36 per book OK!?! Dude. And I am probably going to sell the S. L. Viehl books (and a couple of others) because I already have them. Yes, I can justify this..


P.S. I got my TBR down to 99, but now… umm… ok its going up above 100 again. I think the "Space Vampires" book is going to be up there on my list. hohohoho.

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