book sales

Ug. wtf is up with vox, it made my IE crash. Anyway.. I went to a yard sale run by the local Gilda's club and I was so good: 2 hours in which my sister tortured me by looking at e.v.e.r.y. single thing at the sale and I managed to resist and only buy one book – "The Book of Sandwiches" by Louise Steele (this link is to google book preview of the book) for $1. Its all about sandwiches and finger foods and has lovely pictures and recipes and makes me very hungry.

This made me think about looking up book sales @ which Jen (I think?) introduced to me many moons ago. If you are near Greenwich, CT, there is a book sale categorized as "EXCEPTIONAL" by booksalefinder. My IMs to Josh regarding this sale:

me: eeeee
pictures from last year:
Josh: nice
go for it, it's close
me: no, i should resist
Josh: what makes you say that, the box of 100+ books in our bedroom?

I got that ebay win beside my bed and I'm resisting opening it before I bring my TBR down..

Other good websites for used books (which I troll when I want to find something out of print): (composite used book website search engine) (ok, not out of print usually. But I have found a couple of recently OOP there) (of course)

And not a used book place but I forgot to add a link to - good place to look up authors and what other books they have written, and it puts things in order of print and series, so the place I look up what book comes before what in really long series.

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