random book potpourri

There is a poll on Mindy L. Klasky's livejournal about what gets readers to pick up a book. If you have a livejournal, go fill it out.  Personally it doesn't take much to get me to read a book.. first the book has to look interesting to me, but strongest thing is definitely word of mouth. If someone who's opinion I tend to agree with likes it I will go look for it, so I think friends, book reviews, blogs fall under that. Otherwise – looking at the book – if I like the cover and the blurb, and look and like the first couple of pages – I buy it.

OK, I don't know who reads this, but I had a question – has anyone here ever sent their books to an author to get it autographed? There are certain authors I'd totally love to have sign my books, but I feel quite fangirly to send my books to them in the mail. Weird or no?

I'm thinking about this because this new author Jeaniene Frost was offering free cover flats of her debut novel "Halfway to the Grave" (looks like a paranormal fantasy about a vampire killer) on her livejournal, and I feel ok asking for one. falalala.

I also totally sent money to Kim Harrison just for her burning bunny pin and a toe tag thingy. And I was quite excited when I got them (yes, such fangrl behavior).

So I can do that, but I feel shy about sending books over to be autographed. Eh, I should get over it, huh.

TBR was holding at 100…now at 101. Why do I do this to myself? Remember when it was at 92? Damn.

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5 thoughts on “random book potpourri

  1. I stood in line to get Nora Roberts to autograph 2 books. Both times, I didn't know what to say! So I was just there, silently. She probably thought I was weird. I've never sent anything in to be autographed though. I actually had no idea you could do that. Just do it! I'm sure they enjoy it as well. Maybe …

  2. Actually.. that's true, I forgot that in college Toko and I stood in line for that Anne Rice book – "Servant of the Bones" (which I didn't think was that good after I read it). Plus Anne Rice had this whole persona thing going. She had some beaded headcap and like..two women I think also in the beaded cap on either side of her.

  3. yes, i remember that. i went with you guys remember? but i left after i got a glimpse of her. i refused to pay however much for her hardback. actually i never got into Anne Rice. i had one of her witch books fooorever and never read it.

  4. Yesu.. I remember you were there but you decided to leave.. I think we were near the back of the store in line then. Maybe you were smart because we waited soo long.
    I could have sworn you recommended her witch series but I never tried it.

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