Mona Lisa Awakening by Sunny

I do not recommend this book. Kind of too bad because an asian, female author (I have a soft spot), and pretty cover, plus it has been compared to Laurell Hamilton and Anne Bishop's books.

Unfortunately a little TOO similar to their books – seems to take a lot of things from each and not much feels unique when I compare them – I feel like I'm reading fanfiction. The writing is awkward – dialog sort of stilted (moves from casual speech to formal at odd times), characterization very one dimensional, romance unbelievable, and the protagonist is a Mary Sue who everyone falls in love with for no good reason. She has 1 magical ability at the beginning of the book and keeps gaining new ones until she has about 8 by the end – a little overboard and a little cliched, aspects I noticed a lot throughout the book.

I have a feeling you are either going to love this book if what you want is something trashy + erotic + pure fluff, otherwise you may not like this. You may dislike this more if you have read Anne Bishops Black Jewels trilogy or Hamilton's Meredith Gentry series before reading this and can compare it to them.

Here are the 1 star reviews of this book on amazon … Sadly I think I agree with the majority of them.

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4 thoughts on “Mona Lisa Awakening by Sunny

  1. oooo yeah i read the description for the book and it sounded shady. and what kind of a name is "Sunny"??? anyway, i was going to check it out from the library. but now that's even a maybe …

  2. Heh, I think she dropped her last name because to her "Sunny Chen" is a doctor and this quiet, proper person, and "Sunny" is her alter-ego that writes erotic romance. If this story didn't take so much from the other authors ideas, I would have given her a lot of points, but its seriously too familiar. Maybe she veers off into her own territory in the next books, but I'm likely not going to try them unless I hear they are much better than this first one. Really pretty cover though, no?
    Have you read any Kresley Cole? I won a free vampire book of hers. It's ok so far.

  3. um yeah, i pretty much hate Kresley Cole. i tried one of her books i got from PBS and it sucked! it didn't even make sense. blah. i so don't get why people like her.

  4. Oooooo. What book? I have "A Hunger Like No Other". It's ok, but centers on just the 2 characters for thie first 50 or so pages and I needed a break so I put it down a couple of days ago and haven't felt in the mood for romance since then.. I think I need to switch genres again.

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