The Accidental Virgin by Valerie Frankel

The Accidental Virgin
Valerie Frankel

This was a Did Not Finish for me. The writing was good, the plot was ok, but I just did not relate to the protagonist at all. Basically Stacy works in NYC and has been celibate for almost a year. She barely notices until a friend points this out and then she decides she must fix it. I thought this could be amusing but Stacy doesn't even care about finding a relationship, she just wants to get laid and is willing to sleep with practically anyone just so she won't hit that year mark. She doesn't care much about the person she does it with, just about making that date. Using people – not on my list of positive traits. I thought trying to sleep with her boss's son who was still in college and over 10 years her junior who she just met 2 hours before was kind of skanky. This is one example of many embarrassed for her moments. Another time she tries to seduce some guy in shipping or something that she just met literally 30 seconds before. So I couldn't shake this image of Stacy as someone desperate, shallow and unlikeable. And I didn't like most of Stacy's possible lovers. I think it was supposed to be humorous but I couldn't see it that way – so perhaps it will work better for those less serious than I. I skimmed through all of the book and the ending was also one of the most unbelievable endings I've ever read. If I liked the rest of the book, I would still complain about it. Bah.

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