The League of Reluctant Adults

There's a new blog/website (about a week old or so) started by a group of urban fantasy authors with an irreverent view of things, call the League of Reluctant Adults. This week the posts are about humor in urban fantasy. Yup, not that much humor to be found in in urban fantasy but looks like there's going to be. They discuss. Each author has books I'm either waiting to read or books I read and enjoyed (Ilona Andrews' Magic Bites). Also, probably because this is opening week, each author is giving away something to do with their books as well. Here are their posts about humor. Well worth checking out:

1. Anton Strout (author of Dead to Me)

2. Stacia Kane/December Quinn (author of Personal Demons)

3. Mark Henry (author of Happy Hour of the Damned)

4. Ilona Andrews (author of Magic Bites)

5. Jill Myles (author of Sex Starved)

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