Some interesting links

Just a few links to thinks from other book blogs that I saw today and thought were interesting.

On online reviews:

A link to sfsignal – "How have online book reviews affected the publishing world?" – different opinions from the sf community. I noticed a lot of comments along the lines of "blog reviews aren't as in depth and professional as offline reviews". I'm thinking – isn't that sort of the point? Anyway… I shall make interested murmurs. This book blog is definitely not professional.

Results of the "Ethics in book reviewing survey". Looks like I agree with the majority of these results. "76.5 percent think it's never ethical to review a book without reading the whole thing." – I'm ok with reviewing and saying "I could not finish" and saying why.

On series:

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books contributor Sarah is on explaining why some series drive her crazy. I think she explains it better than I have been able to when I get into my series/pet peeves rants.  I hope this embedding thingy worked.

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