Book paraphernalia



I love etsy. I found these really cute book covers over there from loveevol and simbiosisbyjulia.  I bought a similar pink woodgrain cover to the one above and this book cover with little deers on it from loveevol and I *love* them to bits. I think they look even better in person than they do on the etsy site. Fits paperbacks and has a nifty elastic closing latch. Very good price too ($8). Meanwhile simbiosisbyjulia has more complex ones – embroidered, different colored linings plus using a few types of material. And she has not only paperback sized ones ($15) but also hardcover book covers ($18). Both of these sellers customize.  Just sayin'. I like being able to read in public without people peering to see what I read. And I am very particular about keeping my books in nice condition – these protect the covers while you read them.

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