OK finally got a wordpress

Even though I have TWO blogs on other sites (LJ and vox), hey, what’s one more! The plan is to mirror posts.  I’m starting a wordpress blog because LJ and vox are both pretty terrible in terms of letting people comment there. 🙂

Yes, possibly lots of redundancy.

3 thoughts on “OK finally got a wordpress

  1. This is easier, but I can’t say I was ever all annoyed at having to use my wordpress ID over on your LJ.

    Of course this site has a book blog weakness as well, because there’s no way to use the Goodreads widget here.

    • hmm, I just got comments over the years about it being harder to figure out? Eh, oh well. I think more people have wordpresses/blogger accounts that are book people, so maybe people find me and stop asking if is this a new blog – no, its been around since 2006 (cry).

      I still have to figure out the widgets and whatnot. At least I can put a list of blogs I follow here. vox is terrible with amount of links you can add.

  2. I’m grateful for the change. I don’t comment at places that require registration. Now some blogger accounts allow annoynmous comments or name and URL, the rest – eh, I don’t use them and I don’t bother with them. So, welcome to WordPress!

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