B&N cover story

Have people seen these videos? Barnes and Noble has videos on youtube with the people who design book covers. I’m fascinated with what goes into making a book cover.

These two are my favorites of the bunch, because Stephen Youll does Science Fiction and Fantasy covers (I love his cover for the Havemercy book), and Judy York does Romance (and a couple of the Shomi covers).

The rest of the videos are on youtube here (search for “cover story).  I also enjoyed watching the video with John Gall to hear about book cover design and Tom Hallman’s use of photography and people around him (his family are often his models) is cute. There’s also a video with Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart (pop-up book artists) and Lane Smith & Molly Leach (a husband and wife children’s book team).

Originally posted on janicu.vox.com

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