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Have people seen these videos? Barnes and Noble has videos on youtube with the people who design book covers. I’m fascinated with what goes into making a book cover.

These two are my favorites of the bunch, because Stephen Youll does Science Fiction and Fantasy covers (I love his cover for the Havemercy book), and Judy York does Romance (and a couple of the Shomi covers).

The rest of the videos are on youtube here (search for “cover story).  I also enjoyed watching the video with John Gall to hear about book cover design and Tom Hallman’s use of photography and people around him (his family are often his models) is cute. There’s also a video with Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart (pop-up book artists) and Lane Smith & Molly Leach (a husband and wife children’s book team).

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Pop-up books by Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda












I wanted to post about these pop-up books for a long time now but I was waiting till after Hanukkah because of certain people who read this blog (who I bought copies of these pop-up books for as gifts). Basically – I like pop-up books, their construction is a big complex puzzle – let's make something 3D out of 2D parts and let's make it squish down back to 2D when the reader turns the page. That's awesome – engineering + art. And these books are on the high end of the pop-up book – they boggle my mind. First of all – how are they only around $20 each? Because the construction – there must be 3 or 4 dozen slots and tabs and things that needed to be glued down to create each page – can a machine do that? Is this all hand done?! For $20?! And when I look at it – I see that often things are printed on both sides of a pop-up, so in the Alice pop-up when I see a giant Alice stuck in the White Rabbit's house, I can peer through the windows to see her inside. And I see wallpaper in there. On top of that, there isn't just one pop up per page, oh no, each page has one giant pop-up in the middle, then little mini books on the side with mini-popups in there too! What…my head just imploded. In the Star Wars pop-up book there are light sabers which light up when you open the pages that shut off again when you close them. I think the dinosaur book has a page where one dinosaur pop-up "bites" the other dinosaur. That's some cool beans.


If these books ever go out of print they are going to start getting expensive in the used book market. I think they're collectibles you'll want to keep for a long time. The only thing I see that people could complain about is that you have to be gentle with these books. So they're more for adults and older children who know how to treat their books. You have to make sure nothing gets caught or torn to preserve them. So far ours are still pristine and both of us (I got the Alice book, the rest I got for the boyfriend) put our books back into the plastic sleeve the books came in after we're done looking at them.

Even Martha is a fan - these two pop-up guys were on her show. And I want to make the pop-up reindeer card that's on the martha stewart website.

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