Readathon & DABWAHA

So a quick post for two things

1) Right now there is a March Madness tournament for books going on, and CRAZILY enough I’m doing well — at #14 actually. If people could go and vote for the books CATCHING FIRE and PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT that would be awesome and I’ll love you forever!! Particularly CATCHING FIRE, which I mixed up with THE HUNGER GAMES and selected to win the whole thing. (*bats eyes*). Seriously it’s a tight race and it would help me (I’m killing myself watching the results right now). ETA: On Sunday, please vote for BONE CROSSED, and on Monday, CATCHING FIRE & BONE CROSSED AGAIN!! 🙂

Go here to vote:

2) The 24-hour readathon is back and will be happening on April 10th. Here’s an earlier heads up for people who want to join in. The link to sign up is at I’ll be joining in too. I’ve been looking forward to it for a while!

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