Ranting and Raving at Janicu’s book blog

Part of being a book reviewer is having opinions. Many of them! And sometimes I feel like I encounter things in books or about books that I either want to rant or rave about but it doesn’t really fit into the context of a review. It feels like something to put in a separate post.

I’ve been storing a few rant and raves so I’m starting a new “feature” in this blog, where I will ramble happily or um.. possibly crazily about something.I’ve been prettying up my wordpress (I changed the font on the header and added a byline), and since I’ve been having fun making pretty things, I made a couple of little banners to signal my rant or my rave.

Reading Raves! Things that make janicu as giddy as a schoolgirl.

Pet Peeves! Things that make janicu a crazy lady on the internets.

ETA: The images I used are Pandora by John William Waterhouse and the image from the cover of The Emerald City of Oz, illustrated by John R. Neill. The fonts are Ozone and Neogrey Medium.

11 thoughts on “Ranting and Raving at Janicu’s book blog

    • Banners are actually kind of addictive. I feel like I want to make more!

      Hmm, people seem to be looking forward to raves it seems. I guess I start with a rave before I get into my rants. 🙂

  1. I love them! Great idea 😀

    Are you doing the read-a-thon this weekend? I know you did it last time … was hoping I knew someone else who was doing it this time too! (I only just learnt today that it was this weekend!)

    • Oh yes, I’ve been looking forward to the readathon! Actually I was going to post asking people about what kind of snacks they line up for it because I think I need snacks but perhaps not all the chips and cookies that first come to mind.

      • Oh no you mentioned food! I’m fasting (re: skipping breakfast) so I can get some tests done and I’m so hungry!!

        I like to drink coffee while I read and a nice chocolate biscuit or something works well with coffee 😀 Ooh chocolate biscotti! (ugh, must stop thinking about food!)

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