Pet Peeve: Sex & Water

Good lord. Today has been kicking my butt. Car troubles plus crazy work = frazzled janicu. I was hoping to have time to work on my review for Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols but it just didn’t happen. And I thought I would do a reading rave first, but the one I was planning needs more research. So here goes with a little ranting.

Sex under water. I read about the hero and heroine getting it on in some underground grotto, pool, river, lake or ocean and all I can think is  “That is just NOT sanitary!” DO YOU KNOW how women are made? And how the thrusting that the guy is doing UNDER WATER is moving STUFF into her? Like.. microbes in the water, or eeee, SAND! *shudder*. Also these scenes don’t usually involve a condom, which is not good, but if there was one, I’m wondering about the risk of it slipping off in the water anyway. It’s a little better when the couple does it on the edge of the body of water, but I’m still thinking about dirt, UTIs or other not fun infections in the private bits. Also: OMG, CHAFING?!

This is what says about Water Sex and Infections:

Having sex in a pool or Jacuzzi poses a higher risk of infection. According to research at the University of California, Santa Barbara, water teeming with microbes can get forced into the vagina. “Sometimes residential (and commercial) hot tubs, pools and Jacuzzis are not chlorinated adequately, increasing the amount of bacteria they contain and the likelihood of an infection. Even if the water has a chlorine level in accordance to government standards, there is still a risk of infection.” Also, “chlorine may disrupt healthy bacteria and change the natural pH in the vagina leading to a yeast infection.”

Having sex in the ocean or a lake can also pose problems. Although these places do not pose chemical/chlorine issues, according to Health & Sexuality columnist, Lisa Hermann, you should “be aware that natural bodies of water have the potential to harbor some unusual bacteria and/or amoebas” which could put a woman at risk for a urinary tract infection.

Women are more susceptible to infections during water sex due to their anatomical differences. This risk includes sexually transmitted infections, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, and the added issue of sexual friction (due to less lubrication) that can result in irritation and micro-tears to the vaginal walls. These tears open up a direct route for infections and could increase the chances of catching a sexually transmitted disease.

Do I need to be thinking about this stuff when I read a sex scene? NO!! Please make it stop.

Now.. am I crazy in thinking these thoughts when I read one of those scenes? This is normal right? To think this? Right?

Kitty no!
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10 thoughts on “Pet Peeve: Sex & Water

  1. I can pretty much guarantee that I will never like water sex scenes. Chaffing – seriously – water is not a lubricant! It actually removes your natural lubrication if you know what I mean. Ouch! Oh and all that other stuff is gross… lol

      • Okay I lied there’s one water sex scene now that I think about it that I really, really liked… it was in Pemberley by the Sea by Abigail Reynolds. The water even had phosphorescent organisms in it. lol But it was hot because of all the sexual tension finally coming to a head and it had been set up as really romantic and secluded (despite their friends nearby also getting it on somewhere).

    • I remember the scene in Pemberley by the Sea! OK, yeah you’re right. I suppose that’s my ONE exception. Plus they did get out of the water for that one. I fleetingly thought about the sand but the tension up to that point was hot.

  2. I have to agree, sex in water at least for me = NO.

    Not sure if I would have thought about the sanitary of it all while reading that scene though but you never know perhaps I would have thought the same as you did.

    • Yes, sex in water=no.

      I think this is where real life experience comes into play. Cause I know people who easily get UTIs. So then when I read these scenes I think: this is where the heroine is going to get a UTI. *shakes head*.

  3. You’re not alone – I don’t like it either. My biggest problem with it though? I just don’t believe it works. From, ahem, younger days, I know that your body tends to, er, close up in order to keep water out. It’s one of the less likely places to actually be physically able/i> to do it. So I don’t buy it.

    Did you like Going Too Far? I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to her new book coming out soon 🙂

    • Physically hard if not impossible to do? *nods*. Yet another reason why these scenes don’t work!

      Oh I LOVED Going Too Far!! If I didn’t already buy it, I would have gone out to buy myself my own copy. Total keeper. I felt like now THIS is what I’m talking about when I say I like having an emotional connection between the hero and heroine. Take notes people!

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