Star Wars themed funnies

I’ve been running into a few amusing Star Wars videos of late. So just for fun, I’m sharing them 🙂

An At-At Walker Pet..

These Tom-tom commercials with Darth Vader and Yoda have been making the rounds:

And an oldie but goodie. Eddie Izzard on the Death Star Canteen:

6 thoughts on “Star Wars themed funnies

  1. Space channel (channel 50 here) is running Star Wars ads for it’s Star Wars marathon, and they crack me up every time! Darth Vada at the beach, storm troopers playing frisbee, Vada getting his way over the ice cream man, and oh what are the desert bandits that make hooting noises called? they’re making sandcastles!

    Wait, found the links:

    Good for a giggle!

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