Upcoming bookshelf review

I was contacted by a representative at the online furniture store CSN to do a review on one of their products about a month ago and I was mulling on the offer for a while. An informal poll on twitter had positive votes on the idea so decided to take them up on it.

We have about a million to-dos in the house and we’d love to redo the bathroom. CSN has a bathroom vanity website, and it would be nice to replace our outdated one with something more modern.

But that’s not very book related. The other thing we’ve been meaning to do is put up shelves over the desk in our office, and that IS book related. So this is what I’m going to review – a Contemporary Hutch/Bookshelf in Espresso. Full disclosure – CSN is giving me a gift certificate and I’m paying the remainder.  I’ll take lots of pictures!

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