Literary Tattoos

I don’t have any tattoos. My sister has something like 10. I would have to think about it for a long before I got one. Maybe I’d go with a literary tattoo? I’ve been surfing and running into them lately. Last week I saw geeky tattoos being highlighted on the blog. This week I got an email that pointed a blog, The Word Made Flesh which focuses on literary tattoos. I spent a good hour there and following tumblr links!

Do you have any tattoos? Are they inspired by books? I’m curious.

(click for book referenced)

via The Word Made Flesh – blog associated with The Word Made Flesh: Literary Tattoos from Bookworms Worldwide

via Geeky Tattoos

both of the above via Fuck Yeah Tattoos

12 thoughts on “Literary Tattoos

  1. Some of those are quite interesting! I don’t have any tattoos primarily because I can never make a firm decision about what I might like permanently etched onto my body. My brother, on the other hand, has two full sleeves and a completely tattooed chest – ouch!

  2. I really enjoy looking at images of other people’s tattoos but I could never get one of my own for religious reasons (its forbidden in Judaism). I also have a high fear of needles so I would be too much of a wimp to get one anyways. On my recent visit to America I did notice that a lot more people are tattooed these days than there used to be when I lived there.

    • Ah. My husband’s family is Jewish so I heard that. It’s not really the pain that stops me, it’s more not having anything that I liked strongly enough to put it on me forever. Yep, It’s gotten very popular! I do like looking at them too. Some of them are quite lovely.

  3. I found this site too and spent oodles of time going through all the fun images. I’m too much of a wuss to EVER get a tattoo, but I admire people’s braveness.

    Mostly I think “what would I still want plastered on my body 36 years from now that wouldn’t look to bad when it gets saggy and old-looking?” And I can’t really think of anything that would would work.

    Love the idea of that Hitchhiker’s one – but man, it’s huge and bright. Not something you can really hide. I bet they celebrate Towel Day every year too…

    • I think I could handle the pain. I think it’s the permanence and finding the right image that’s the problem for me. The fading and possible sagging is something to consider too!

      Towel Day.. Yes, I think with that tattoo, that they have to.

  4. I’ve got a tattoo on my right shoulder (got it when I was 18) but it doesn’t have any real signifigance in my life. I secretly would LOVE to have Mischief Managed somewhere on my body!!

  5. I don’t have any tattoos either. In part because I’m so freakin’ indecisive, in part because it’s so permanent. And since I’m so indecisive, I bet 10 year after I got one, I’d wish I didn’t or that it was different. LOL!

    I do enjoy looking at other people’s tattoos, though. 😀

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