The Christmas Haul

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope everyone is having a good day and get to spend some time with people they love.

And I hope (if you celebrate Christmas), that you got what you wanted! Of course, I got books. This is what my husband got me (which technically I got a week ago, before we went to visit family):

I also got a 8GB micro SD card as external memory for my nook. 🙂

My brother is taking me on a shopping spree to Bookman’s as his present.

What about you guys?

11 thoughts on “The Christmas Haul

    • I’m quite happy with Darkship Thieves! I finished it and wrote half a review which I need to get back to, but I’ve been lazy and working on a jigsaw puzzle and lazing around instead 🙂

  1. I love your Vader graphic! 🙂 And it looks like you got some neat books as gifts.

    This Christmas I got two non fiction and one fiction book: Star Wars: Year by Year, Sew What! Bags (I go through purses like toothpaste; every six months, I seem to find another one I “need”; I am also learning how to sew via macine), and The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood by Howard Pyle.

    • Indeed, the Vader graphic is awesome. 😉 Someone retweeted the image on twitter and I had to use it, but I’m not sure where it’s originally from.

      I think I saw a tweet about your Star Wars book? I saw something…maybe it wasn’t the book. I definitely saw pillow cases and a sheet set that was Star Wars. I’ve always wanted to learn how to sew with a machine, so the how-to sew bags sounds very cool.

      • I did tweet a photo of the book, so you probably saw the right one. 🙂

        Haha, yes, I did also get a Star Wars sheet/pillow case set from my boyfriend. I am ridiculously thrilled to use them and will feel properly geeky once I do. They will match the Millennium Falcon quilt he got me a couple of Christmases ago. 🙂

        Sewing with the machine is the easiest part for me. It’s mostly learning how to handle the pedal and the fabric as you let the machine do its thing. The difficult part for me has been reading patterns! Luckily, I think my friend knew how crazy I’ve driven myself trying to decipher some patterns I purchased earlier in the year. The book she gave me is very good for a beginner like me. 🙂

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