Reading Raves: Red Riding Hood Photography

Ranting & raving is something I do periodically on this blog. Look for the “rants and raves” category for past rants and raves.

When I was looking for Little Red Riding Hood pictures last week I was overwhelmed by how MANY they were. These are ones from photoshoots based on fairytales.

Eugenio Recuenco

Into the Woods: US Vogue Sept 2009.

Photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott via Persephone Reads
(do click the link, lots MORE of this one)

Dakota Fanning in Vanity Fair, Jan 2007. Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld
(link has huge images)

Eva Mendes for the 2008 Campari Calendar

Jade Rodan from America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 6:”The Girl That Kissed the Roach”

6 thoughts on “Reading Raves: Red Riding Hood Photography

    • My favorite too. The rest of that series by that photographer is also fairytale pictures. I also want to live in that house that these pictures were shot in! Of course, in my imagination where I do live in that house, there would also be an excellent library…

  1. The first picture is my favourite, too.

    I can just imagine the ANTM judge’s comments for that last picture. Such as: why is little red riding hood flying/falling?

    • It really is a silly pose. If you look for the pictures for that ANTM episode they had all the girls in fairytale get up and doing this…(I don’t know what to call it)…weird fall? I don’t really understand what they were trying to go for there but they made all the girls do it.

  2. I seriously love these (especially that first one). It’s funny, whenever I see this particular fairy tale depicted in art or photo I always, inevitably stop to take it in, and usually end up really taking to it.

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