Winners and tumblr and timesucks

The random number generator at has spoken. Congratulations to the winners of last weeks giveaways:

Lobo won Shut Out (an international winner!)


Sabrina won Naamah’s Blessing

The giveaway of the Relic Master series is still ongoing.

In the meantime, I seem to be slacking on the reviewing this week because uh.. well besides being addicted to the USA channels summer lineup (White Collar, Covert Affairs, Necessary Roughness, I’m watching it all. Also Eureka started again, and PBS has an excellent show called Zen..), I started a tumblr last week and my god, I start browsing over there and 6 hours later I look up and it’s dark outside!  My id there is NOT janicu, it is specficromantic (someone else grabbed janicu and is just sitting on it. My best friend thinks I have a nemesis, which is hilarious). Anyway, I’m still getting used to it. The way to communicate on there is weird to me.

I also have a google+ account. Which is “Eh, alright”. I like it better than facebook.

Also – livejournal is mostly down this week. I am not sure I can even cross post over there today. I’ll try. For people following me on LJ who are sick of LJ: this blog is mirrored on wordpress. Feel free to update your RSS feeds to wordpress.

6 thoughts on “Winners and tumblr and timesucks

  1. Because of Livejournal fail I am commenting over here! (ombriawinter)
    USA has the best summer shows this year! And you combine my new love for their show Suits and Tumblr and you can a fan girl. haha 😉 Totally following you on tumblr now!

    • Oh yes, love Suits too! I forgot to list it. I am also loving Rizzoli and Isles. I pretty much love shows with a buddy aspect to it. LOVE! (And speaking of.. cannot wait for Pysch).

      *shakes fist at LJ*. Work!

  2. Cutest. Picture. EVER.

    I’m quite frustrated with LJ right now. It’s looking like I’m gonna have to post the October Book Club poll at WordPress instead of LJ. :-/

    • Hee, I keep a folder of cute pictures just for winners posts. All cuteoverload of course.

      LJ is going to lose so many users because of this week. It’s pretty bad.

      • Knock on wood, but it seems to be working now. We’ll see. I’m glad I’m already set up at WordPress though, just in case!

        How come my default kitty icon doesn’t show up when I comment here, I wonder?

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